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Our system only uses verified aircraft data to automatically calculate the charges according to your fee schedule and creates a digital shopping basket for your customers. This shopping basket can optionally be supplemented or customised with products or services from your fee schedule. Alternatively, the shopping basket can be calculated completely automatically and sent back to the customer for payment.

With our new credit card terminal, you can offer your customers the convenient option of paying by credit card. In aerops.ground, you simply create an invoice manually, the amount of which appears directly on the terminal. The pilot holds his credit card in front of the device and the transaction is quickly completed. Optionally, the invoice created by aerops.ground can be conveniently sent to the pilot by e-mail or printed out on your printer if required.

Our aerops aircraft database contains thousands of verified aircraft data. Customers submit their aircraft to aerops, which then undergoes a verification process. Our support teams manually enter the data into the database, but only if the required documents for aircraft data confirmation (e.g. noise certificate) are available. These documents relate to the take-off weight (MTOW), noise certification and noise level. If no documents are available, the standard values according to the ICAO guidelines for take-off weight (MTOW) are used.

Our system automatically generates an invoice for you in the corporate design of your aerodrome. Each invoice is provided with a unique consecutive invoice number. Alternatively, it is possible to generate a payment advice note only. In this case, the original invoice from an external system can be attached to the payment process as a PDF. You can also use our API interface to transfer invoices from your airport system directly to aerops.ground.

The flight data for the digital flight log comes from various sources. These include take-off and landing reports, which can be submitted directly by pilots via the aerops app or a form on the website. In addition, flight data is recorded in real time by ADS-B/FLARM-supported systems. The recorded data is collated in the aerops system and can be used for payment checks. The flight logbook data can be exported in various file formats and imported into your main flight logbook if required.

With our communication module, you can manage PPR requests, record landing notifications or organise fly-ins. You can integrate the forms on your website. Use ready-made forms or create your own and customise them to the needs of your airfield. All enquiries are displayed clearly and in real time in calendar format and as a list in the aerops system. You will be notified of an enquiry by e-mail and SMS. You can confirm or decline at the touch of a button.

Flight movements are recorded and synchronised by a stationary system. The aerops monitoring system consists of a solar panel and a battery for wireless charging. The camera is equipped with image recognition software, extracts the licence plate number and transmits the data digitally to the aerops system. Any other aerodrome-specific system can also be used. Requirement: WLAN or GSM connection. All ADS-B, Flarm or other external solutions can be connected.

Flight Director takes its signals from ADS-B, MLAT and FLARM to record the positions of aircraft very accurately. Even at altitudes of 30 to 500 metres. Flight Director tracks aircraft movements from over 200 ground antennas throughout Germany. This gives you a convenient, filterable map display with all flying objects within a 100-km radius. Flight movements are recorded in real time and the data is transferred to the aerops system. You can view the flight movements in the aerops software at any time.

Optimise the operation of your petrol station by integrating aerops.ground. Our solution not only enables convenient activation of the petrol station via app, but also offers an electronic fuel logbook and precise fill level monitoring. Customers have the option of paying conveniently directly after refuelling. Aerops provides you with all the tools you need to ensure safe and efficient refuelling operations.

The aerops payment system app enables pilots to offset their aircraft fuel consumption in cooperation with the climate protection organisation "ClimatePartner". The emissions are offset through regional projects, such as the reconstruction of a forest area in the Harz Mountains in Germany. The cooperation with ClimatePartner, a Munich-based company, offers a quick and easy payment option in which the fuel type and quantity are entered in order to automatically calculate the CO2 consumption and the total price for the offset. After payment, participants receive a certificate.

Using the document data export, documents including document data and pre-accounting can be transferred online.

With our interface, you can connect aerops to your aerodrome software. We have interfaces to almost all aerodrome software or can set them up.


You have the option of storing several credit cards in our app. You can also set up a SEPA mandate. Convenient payment via Apple Pay or Google Pay is also possible.

An invoice is automatically generated for all payments and sent to you by e-mail. This invoice is also stored in your account. This means you always have access and a transparent overview.

Several billing addresses can be created in the aerops account. This is useful if you are travelling privately and on business, for example. Simply select the applicable address for the invoice at the touch of a button.

You can have your aircraft verified by us free of charge at any time. Simply upload your noise certificate or route report in the app or send it directly to us. This guarantees the correct calculation of charges in the app.

Once your aircraft has been verified, you can calculate the landing, parking and refuelling fees for your flight planning in our app at any time.

At airports that have an interface to aerops, you can conveniently activate the refuelling system via the app and then pay the bill directly - without having to wait.

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In aerops, you create the aircraft that you operate and for which you want to receive and pay invoices.

You can assign aircraft and landings to different invoice addresses in aerops.fleet.

Access the current costs for landings and parking or refueling of your aircraft fleet in real time at any time. This means you have an overview of your expenses.

If you use aerops.fleet, you will automatically receive a billing account with our partner airports and will accordingly receive an invoice for the total services provided by this airport.

All invoices are available to you digitally at any time in your aerops.fleet account.

For an optimal overview of your costs, you can also see the current status of your air traffic control fees in aerops.fleet if the costs are incurred at DFS or one of our partner airports.