Prices for airports & FBOs

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Process payments efficiently, automated accounting, innovative handling solutions, digital tank management - all on one platform.


✓ All aerops payment methods
✓ Service request tool
✓ Interface to your bookkeeping software
✓ Digital outgoing invoice book
✓ API interface
✓ Support

Payment options

✓ no monthly basic fees
✓ Can be canceled at any time at the push of a button

3% transaction fee

+ 0,35 € per transaction

The automatic flight log is created automatically and is available for export at any time. The “Automatic Flight Book” feature helps you reduce your administration and operate your airport without a flight controller.

99€ / per month

plus 19% VAT


✓ Flight movement recording by ADS-B, MLAT, FLARM
✓ Photo recording for owner research in the event of missing payments (BETA stage)
✓ Export the flight log to the main flight log or reports to authorities
✓ Free setup
✓ Can be canceled at any time

Flight Director shows you in real time which flight movements are taking place. You can test Flight Director free for 90 days.

Price on request


✓ Automatic attitude display
✓  Flight movement measurement
✓  Integrated web server with live flight tracking, 2D maps, data table, filter options, fleet watch
✓  Automatic creation of the flight log from the recorded flight data
✓ Export to Excel file or CSV file