mobile payment at the airfield

 app payment for fees and fuel

aerops.pilot is the popular and most widely used payment app in the cockpit.
With aerops you can save time, long delays at the airport and are always ready for take-off!

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At 250+ airports in Europe

  • Cashless payment from the cockpit
  • Calculate landing and parking fees 
  • No waiting times or walks to the terminal
  • Receive your invoice via email

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What aerops can do

Calculate charges

 aerops automatically pre-calculates charges and shows current fuel prices.

Cashless payment

One click payment using your registered payment card.

Digital invoice

You receive the invoice in the app and by email at multiple billing addresses.

Payment at the airport in 4 steps

1. Create your account

2. Select services or charges

3. Make your payment

4. Get invoice in the app & via email