smart billing for fleet operators

real-time payment and cost-control 

With aerops.fleet, aircraft owners, business operators or flight schools receive their invoices from airports and FBOs directly into their online account. Unlike most invoice accounts, you open the aerops.fleet account only once and can use it at all participating airports. This gives you full cost transparency per aircraft at all times.

Business Aviation

  • short downtimes on the ground
  • real-time invoices
  • cost calculations
  • full budget control
  • less work for pilots & operations teams

Flight schools & clubs

  • focus on training instead of billing
  • touch & go
  • training at sites without a billing account
  • direct charge payment by trainees via app
  • time and cost savings

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aerops.fleet - it's that easy

1. set up a free aerops.fleet account

2. enter fleet with aircraft data or callsign

3. register your payment information


4. one invoice per transaction and aircraft in the account

Fleet costs always under control

Transparency of payments to airports & FBOs

With aerops.fleet you can check which services are currently due for your fleet in real time. You have full control from invoicing to payment.

You decide which services are invoiced by the airport and which payments your pilots may initiate. For example, you can only approve fuel invoices or landing fees.

You receive one electronic invoice per transaction and aircraft and can specify as many payment methods as you wish - for the entire fleet or for each aircraft. This means that your pilots no longer need any means of payment on site.

Thanks to the intuitive user interface, you have all transactions under control and can also export the data for further processing.

Create an aerops.fleet account for free:

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