Pay landing fees fast and comfortable

The app for pilots for easy payment of fees and charges at airports and airfields. Simply pay & fly.

Pay landing fees fast and comfortable

The app for pilots for easy payment of fees and charges at airports and airfields.

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What is aerops?

Mobile payment at airports

With aerops you can comfortably pay your airport fees via your smartphone. No more doubt about the amount of land and parking fees, no more long distances to flight control, no more waiting times and no more small change. Enjoy the time you have gained and use it for nice things.

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How do I calculate fees?

Select your airfield, enter your aircraft identification and the number of landings. aerops will  calculate automatically the fees for your aircraft.

How do I pay?

With the aerops App you can pay by credit card or direct debit. In addition, different billing addresses can be saved. You also can save money by using a voucher.

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How do I get an invoice?

After completing the payment process you will receive your invoice from the airport directly by e-mail.

How do I register an aircraft?

Many aircrafts are already activated for payment via the aerops App. If your aircraft is not yet captured, you can easily create it yourself. After aerops has checked your entries and compared them with the documents, your aircraft will be unlocked.

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What happens with my data?

Your credit cards and bank details are stored directly at a certified bank. Neither we nor an airfield can see them or even use them. For the sake of clarity in the app, the last four digits of the means of payment are displayed in the app.  This data also comes directly from the bank.

After a payment at a participating airport, aerops generates an outgoing invoice on behalf of the airport. The airports also receive the name of the service recipient, the invoiced items and the value-added tax, since these must be posted for the tax office.

When entering aircraft data in our database, the user’s email address is transmitted to us. This serves to inform the user about the successful registration or to request missing data. The actual aircraft database does not physically or logically contain any personal data on the holder, owner or user. Occasionally, users send us registration certificates with personal data. These are not required by us and will be deleted immediately.