Marketing materials for aerodroms

For website & social media use and for placement directly at your aerodrome

Current marketing materials for placement
at your airport

Here you can easily order flyers or your personalized outdoor banner via our order form or download marketing materials for your website or social media.

Contact for ordering & questions:

Phone/WhatsApp: +49 176 21872736

Free outdoor banner with the name of your airport

The banner measuring 2 m by 50 cm or 4 m by 1 m welcomes your pilots.
It is personalized to your airport. The QR code leads to the web shop, where you can pay without registering if you do not want to use the app.

Examples of partner airports:

Flyers & stickers for payment
of landing fees and refueling

All flyers and stickers are available in German, English and French. To place the flyers, you can also order the aerops flyer stands provided for this purpose. Ideally, the flyer stands can be placed on the counter. The stickers should be placed directly on the entrance door of the tower or GAT and, if necessary, on the petrol pump.

Flyers & stickers for CO2 compensation for flights

All advertising materials for CO2 compensation can be placed together with the other aerops materials, or in other places - depending on the focus of the airport.

Digital materials for integration on your website

You can simply save the website banners on your desktop in different sizes and then upload them back to your website.

Variant 1 | Landscape 1500x600px

This variant is suitable for the full width of the page or a header.

Variant 2 | Landscape 500x800px

Variant 2 is well suited for the footer or sidebar of your site. Also perfect for a block within the page where you want to write text next to it.

Additional downloads for web

Download our marketing materials for integrating aerops elsewhere on your website. Here you will find, for example, our logo*, screenshots of the app, all links and color codes.

*Please only use our logo on white or the specified blue backgrounds.

Color codes

Light blue. #82B0D2
Dark blue: #23455F
Mustard yellow (for buttons) #D4A139
Green (for CO2): #00A75D




Current marketing materials for
your social media profiles

You are welcome to post these post suggestions on Instagram, Facebook
and use LinkedIn or other profiles

Simply save these graphics and use them for your social media profiles.

Here is an example text that you are welcome to use:

"From now on you can pay your landing fees digitally with us.
You can pay your landing, parking and fuel fees with us using the aerops app or via QR code
get paid. The app is available free of charge in the Google Play Store or Apple Store. Load
Download them now for easy and quick payment. If you don't have the app
If you want to use it, you can also make your payment directly on our website without
Make registration. A QR code is available to you on site or you can
also use the following link: Code. We are looking forward to your visit."

Would you like to advertise your airport on our social media profiles?

Simply contact us with a few photos and facts. We compile the content and post it on Instagram & LinkedIn.

Here are examples of our partner airports:

Marketing contakt:

Phone: +49 176 21872736