CO₂ compensation
for pilots

Offset the fuel consumption of your aircraft with us now. In cooperation with the climate protection organisation "ClimatePartner".

Offset the emissions caused by your aircraft now
with the aerops mobile payment system.


Regional projects are supported.

You support regional projects with your compensation. Here in Germany it is the reconstruction of a forest area in the Harz mountains.

In cooperation with ClimatePartner

ClimatePartner is a Munich-based company that now helps over 6,000 companies in more than 60 countries to achieve their climate protection goals.

Quick and easy payment with certificate

Enter the fuel type and quantity you want to offset. Your CO2 consumption and the total price for offsetting will be calculated automatically. You will receive a certificate afterwards.

How does CO₂ compensation work in detail?

Example calculation 

One hour of flight with a Cessna 172 releases around 88 kg of CO2, for which, depending on the engine variant, an average of around 30 liters of fuel are consumed per hour. For a flight distance of 300 km, the required compensation would be less than one euro. Offsetting is possible from €1. 


Your certificate 

With aerops you only pay the purchase price per ton of CO2 without further surcharges. In addition, there are only the transaction fees and costs for participation in the program, which are listed transparently in the invoice. After payment, you receive an official certificate from ClimatePartner documenting your commitment to sustainable climate protection.


Where do the proceeds go? 

The proceeds go to a climate protection project in India, certified according to international standards, which produces renewable energy with solar power. The project involves the installation of PV solar modules in the three Indian states of Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra and has a capacity of 225 megawatt hours. For every ton of CO2 offset there, a funding contribution flows into a German mountain forest project in the Harz mountains.





Offset CO₂ here now

Here you can offset your CO₂ emissions directly on our website:

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Do you have the aerops app?

Then you are welcome to compensate directly and easily in the app.