PPR & Contact forms for your airfield

Simple, free and efficient: Manage your PPR requests, landing notifications and fly-ins in one system.

In the free aerops version, you can use various templates to manage PPR requests, record landing notifications or simply organise your fly-ins. You can choose between three form templates - or use all three. You can integrate these into your website. In the aeropsPRO version, you can also compile the forms yourself and adapt them to your needs.

All requests are displayed clearly and in real time in calendar format and as a list. 

Here you can see sample templates for PPR, landing notification and fly-in:


1.) Basic PPR form

For a simple landing request or registration. The pilot also has the option of transmitting special requirements here.

2.) Take-off and landing message

For a take-off and landing message with the possibility of transferring these later into the flight logbook.

3.) Form for your fly-in planning

Here is an example of a fly-in. We wish you lots of fun!

How does it work?

You can easily integrate your PPR and contact forms into your website via i-Frame. You will find the code for the i-Frame directly below the respective form. Simply copy it and place it on your website and you are ready to accept enquiries.

What happens then?

When the pilot creates an application via the form, you will be notified. The notification will be sent to the email address you registered with. You then have the option to accept or decline. The pilot will then be notified accordingly via SMS, push notification and email.

In the aeropsPRO version, you will also be notified via SMS. You can also send automated rejections, e.g. if you do not accept any landings at certain times or alternatively if you allow all landings in certain time periods.

Calendar function

All landings are clearly displayed in a calendar. You can view this at any time and also enter landings that you receive via another channel.

This is how it looks:


Available straight away

You can get started immediately with your registration here in the aerops system. Via the "Manage templates" tab, you can directly retrieve the codes for your website and directly integrate the forms.

Instantly available for use

You can start right away. Enter your aerodrome ICAO code here. You will receive your personal access within 24 hours with which you can immediately manage PPR requests.

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Advantages of using the aerops PPR forms

✓ Forms can be easily integrated into your own website or partner websites

✓ Automated notifications via e-mail and SMS (SMS only in aeropsPRO version) for aerodromes and pilots

✓ Transparent overview in calendar format

✓ PPR registrations from other channels can be easily entered into the calendar for an overall view

✓ In aeropsPRO version: automatic transfer to flight logbook


Get started now for free!

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