Important documents concerning the installation

To guarantee a quick setup,
you should have some documents ready in advance.

For the installation of the airport terminal we need the following from you

  • Company address of the airfield

  • E-mail address to use as login username

  • E-mail address to which access data is sent (only if this differs from the login e-mail address)

  • Public e-mail address

  • Public telephone number

  • Local court and registration number

  • Name of the managing director authorized to represent the company

  • VAT ID

  • Tax number

  • Company logo as PNG or JPG

To set up Stripe, you will need

  • Information about your company: Please use the following text!
    “Our company is connected to the Connected Account of the aerops platform. Via aerops customers can pay fees of our company. Payments are made when customers use the aerops App to pay for our company’s services.”

  • URL of the company’s website

  • Form of enterprise

  • Local court and registration number

  • Company address

  • Data on the authorized person of the company (aerodrome)

    1. Name
    2. Date of birth
    3. Company address
  • Company name and telephone number to appear on the customer credit card statements.

  • Bank details of your company (name of bank, IBAN)