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PPR Management

The free PPR management from aerops offers airports completely new possibilities for customer communication - whether PPR, service or fuel request, fly ins, etc.

Communicate easily with pilots

The PPR module allows pilots and airlines to request PPR, fuel or service requests directly from your aerodrome online. Forms are simply integrated into your website. The requests enter the DMS centrally and can be processed digitally by you. Approval processes of any kind regarding all requests from your customers can thus be simplified many times over with the new module without media disruptions and loss of information.

PPR requests

Service requests

fuel requests

Manage PPR Requests

PPR requests

With the simple communication tool from aerops, the coordination of PPR requests is immensely facilitated compared to previous procedures by telephone, fax or e-mail. As an aerodrome, you can be reached at any time and can better coordinate the legally required presence (air traffic controller duty) of personnel, whether outside opening hours or not. You receive all requests for unscheduled flight movements and are informed about everything at all times. PPR stands for Prior Permission Request and states that obtaining permission before approaching an aerodrome is required by the pilot or by an air carrier. 

Automate your PPR process:

  • Pilots and airlines receive automatic responses via SMS and email
  • Payments of PPR fees can be processed in advance
  • Number of requests for aircraft movements can be limited / year / month / day or hour
  • Automatic approval of requests after payment
  • Automatic notification of ground staff and air traffic controllers
  • Extensive statistics and evaluations
  • Individual customisation of forms for PPR, customs declaration, fuel request and service request
  • Usable as registration form for airfield events, FlyIns


The all-in-one solution for PPR requests - perfectly tailored to your needs

Everything at a glance
Each request is clearly summarised in one window.
Aircraft documents, pilot information as well as messages and agreements. Everything in one place!

Direct communication
You can use the communication tool to make separate arrangements with your customer regarding a PPR request. Customers receive automatic notifications by e-mail and SMS.

IFrame for your website
Create different forms  and integrate them as IFrame on your website.

Calendar view
Incoming calls are clearly displayed in the calendar. This simplifies the coordination of your requests.

Service requests

Business aviation requires much more from you as an aerodrome than just a landing permit. This can include catering, aircraft cleaning, de-icing or even a shuttle service. Often, aviation companies coordinate these service requests through different departments. All these requests, often for a single flight, then reach you by e-mail, fax or telephone. Who can keep track of all this?

With the aerops service request module, media discontinuities such as telephone calls are a thing of the past. You keep all information in view and every interaction with your customer is summarised in one window.


cleaning requests

Shuttle Service

price requests

fuel requests

The availability of fuel is particularly important for business aviation. Using the aerops DMS, dispatchers from aviation companies can specifically request fuel stocks from you and place advance orders. With the help of the DMS, you have an overview of all processes and can give your customers prompt feedback without much effort. Save yourself the trouble of communicating by e-mail, telephone or fax.


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