aeroPS Consulting

Every airfield is unique, even if procedures and processes are largely the same. Each airfield or airport has its own particularities and needs. In the history of aviation, some processes have thwarted innovation but as of now can be simplified. With the help of process analysis, better use of existing tools and development of individual new tools, we make your airfield future-proof. Our 18-person team of aviation specialists, software architects and developers is at your disposal.

Analyze Processes in the GAT

  • Record existing processes
  • Re-design of processes and documentation
  • Creation of employee duties and view completed tasks

Fuel Management

We work with various manufacturers of fuel and pump systems and aviation fuel suppliers. Together, we evaluate your requirements and find the right solution.

  • Automation of fuel systems
  • Customs invoicing
  • Fuel tank management administration

Individual Development of Software Projects

  • Cloud-based individual development of problem solutions
  • Integration and connection to existing systems

Support in Preparing Fee Structures

  • Create transparencies
  • Billing simplification

Marketing Support

  • Development of markeing concepts and budgets
  • Support with planning and execution
  • Increase the attractiveness of your airfield