Benefit from our innovative solution

Relieve your staff from administrative burdens and create a customer centric airport for visiting pilots through the digital processing of payments.

Much more than a payment solution

aerops is more than a mobile payment solution.
With aerops you automate, digitize and accelerate your processes in the GAT for pilot payments. In addition, you have access to our global and validated aircraft database. aerops offers you the next generation of financial management for your airport.


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Payment of fees and services

aerops automatically calculates the correct charges for any airport. This is based on the fee structure of the airport and the aerops aircraft database. aerops calculates:

  • Landing fees according to noise emission and country aviation regulations 
  • Approach, parking and passenger charges
  • Daily and time-dependent charges and surcharges
  • and much more

However, the aerops calculation tool can be integrated directly into your existing airport management solution. The combination of both systems allows you to take full advantage of the performance of aerops. Our REST API allows 100% data exchange. Obsolete aircraft data and incorrect customer master data are a thing of the past. 
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Paying for fuel

In addition to collecting normal airport fees, you can also charge fuel fees using the aerops payment system. Depending on the technical capabilities of your airport fuel dispensers, activation of your fuel pumps is possible via the aerops Pilot Payment App. We have partnerships with manufacturers of POS and fuel dispensers.

by Phone, Email:

Phone: +49 351 264 409 80
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Supported Fuel Pumps: HECTRONIC, Dohmann V+, Maul Clubmaster, Novotec

Check mobile service entry & incoming payments

Easy and Quick Overviews of your Airport with our Ground Staff Functions

Let your operations staff capture all services directly on the tarmac and never lose track of billing of those landing and taking off from your airport. Your ground staff records all services, then all billing is sent directly to the GAT or can be paid automatically via the aerops App.

Payment requests and incoming payments can also be processed and controlled via our solution.

Benefit from aerops

No monthly fixed costs

Only one discount per transaction is charged for airports. This service charge already includes all costs of the money transfer. Learn more ...

No additional hardware

Card readers are superfluous with aerops. Accept payments with SEPA, VISA, MASTER or AMEX. Apple Pay, Google Pay and Paypal are planned.

Automatic invoicing

If aerops is operated in autonomous mode, our system generates a legally secure invoice after payment and sends it to the pilot.

Immediate receipt of money

Once the customer has paid, you will receive the money in real time to your personal customer account. From there you can transfer it to your company account at any time.

Automatic charge calculation

aerops calculates the fees according to your stored fee schedule and the flow commitment data checked by us. Traceable at any time and with access to the global aircraft database with photos of the noise certificate.

Adaptation to your airport software

aerops is compatible with common airfield software providers. With the integration there is no additional effort for you. Learn more about supported systems ...


Any questions?

Then simply take a look at our FAQ, our tutorials or contact us right now and arrange a live presentation. We will show you in approx. 10-15 minutes how aerops can work at your airfield or airport and clarify all open questions.

Would you like to read up on all the relevant facts in advance? Then download our brochure for airports and airfields here:
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Compatible Airport Software

Currently the following manufacturers for Airport Accounting Systems / Airport Software Solutions / AODB support us:

  • SAP BlueSky (Int)
  • FPInfo (DE)
  • Airtracker (CH)

In work: FVS4 (DE), Towermax (DE), RedAtlas (UK), EDGE (FR)

Is your airport software not yet included? Talk to us. The aerops Rest API allows a complete integration into your existing solution.


CountryMonthly CostsVariable Costs / TransactionFixed costs / Transaction
Germany / Austria / France - 3 %0,35 EUR
Switzerland5 %0,35 CHF
UK5 %0,30 GBP


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive monies as an airport or airfield?

aerops works with an international payment service provider. This is the way that we ensure the coverage of aerops across Europe. In order to receive money from pilots, you need an account with the online banking service provider. The account is free of charge for the airport, FBO, Flight School etc. etc. The setup usually takes only a few minutes and we can help you with the creation and initial setup. If a pilot pays via the aerops app, you will receive the monies in real-time into this account, which can be immediately transferred to your bank account.
The transactions are recorded in both the account of the payment service provider and in the aerops GAT. You will receive all transactions as a downloadable CSV or Excel file formats for easy and quick import for your accounting records.

What is the difference between, "autonomous mode", and "payment request"?

You can choose between two operating modes in the aerops GAT:

1. Autonomous Mode

The autonomous system is able to calculate fees automatically based on your stored fee schedule. Everything is automatic and there is no need for any manual effort from your side. Incoming payments can be checked by an airport via our pilots app in the settings section under "Airport View login". If additional services were used by the pilot, these can also be re-calculated using the system.
This operating mode is particularly suitable for all airfields with and without flight controllers.

2. Payment Request Mode

If you have complex airport fees or individual services such as follow me cars, catering, GAT fees etc., with one-click, our system can be easily converted to the payment request mode. Before any actual payments, the pilot via the app makes a, "payment request", with all desired services from the airport. The request is sent directly to your GAT where you as an airport can add or adjust services or fees. After everything is calculated you can easily send back to the user for payment. When receiving a payment request, you will be able to view all relevant data about the aircraft and the billing address of the person asking for services. Advantage: You can easily process the request outside of peak hours. Waiting times for pilots at the counter are a thing of the past.

How are invoices generated?

As soon as a pilot pays via the aerops app, an invoice is automatically generated. Simultaneoulsy, a payment notice is sent to the user in the app. The airport can also add its own invoice.

What happens if a pilot flies away without paying?

Users will be asked to pay after leaving the airport. If there are still open payments, the user will be asked several times to pay. aerops is responsible for accounts receivable management.

How does aerops know how loud an aircraft is and whether or not it has a noise certificate?

The specifications (noise level, weight, immission values, etc.) of each aircraft is stored in the aerops database with all necessary documentation (e.g. noise level certificate). Aircrafts not yet stored in the aerops database, can easily be created and uploaded by a pilot. Thereafter, aerops checks and verifies the aircraft information for use in the aerops app.

How does the airport management know when a pilot has paid?

All airport staff and management can have access to the payment overview dashboard (we call it the GAT), which they can access via any internet browser. In case the browser is closed, the person on duty will be informed additionally via a push-notification in the browser. Optionally, email notifications can also be activated when users have made a payment.