Tools to increase efficiency

Controlling flight operations, traffic accounting, ground handling and many other business processes are a major challenge for airports and airfields. The digital business environment of the aviation industry is becoming more and more important. As digitization specialists for airports, we offer you a variety of solutions that simplify your complex business processes and prepare you ideally for the digital age. Learn more about our individual solutions. 

Our solutions at a glance


PPR and Service Requests

Every day, airports receive a large amount of PPR or service requests. These requests can come through various channels, such as email, fax, text messages or simply by calling. Answering all these messages can lead to loss of information and time for airport staff. aerops has created a simple solution to gather and manage all of your requests, no matter how a customer contacts you!

Your benefits:

  • Service and PPR Form Generator 
  • Easy integration into your website as iFrame
  • CRM customer history for each service and PPR request
  • Direct communication with a customer
  • Connection to many third-party operational or navigation software

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Price calculator for your website

Do you receive many inquiries about pricing from pilots and other airport users? Is your airport staff inundated with answering all of these queries? aerops has a solution for you! Simply integrate our price calculator into your website and our tool fully calculates:

  • Landing fees
  • NOx emission fees
  • Arrival and departure fees
  • Parking charges
  • Fuel prices
  • Other service fees

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Flight book - the foundation

The aerops flight logbook can be used as a basis for accounting and statistical evaluation of flight movements:

  • Intuitive use via any browser or tablet
  • Integration of EuroControl, ADS-B and FLARM
  • Details and flow of information of all uncontrolled flights from 220 connected airports and airfields