aeroPS Airport API

The aeroPS airport API enables you to integrate our core services into your existing airport management software. We provide several routes which allow you to connect your system with ease and start processing aeroPS payments quickly.

Highlighted features

  • Create and update product and service details including conditions and prices
  • Get payment inquiries (baskets) from pilots
  • Update baskets and send payment requests to pilots
  • Check payment status
  • Send invoices
  • Send messages
  • Refund orders
  • Check PPR requests



Please send an email to to request an API key.


Definitions of main routes used in this API:

  • Basket:
    A basket is a collection of products requested by a pilot but still not paid.
    Baskets can have additional information that was submitted by the pilot during his request depending on the airports’ configuration, such as ETA, ETD, POB, PAX, Commercial Flight, Cross-Country Flight, Training, Destination, Alternative airport and pilots’ comment.
    Baskets are created based on the products category values. We recommend processing baskets of different types in separate orders.
    You can interact with one or with all of the baskets of a given airport.
  • Order:
    An Order is a paid basket.
    After the pilot has paid for his basket, it is transformed into an order. For each order created, you can interact with the generated document and refund.
  • Airport Invoice:
    Invoice created for the airport when a pilot buys a product.
    As an airport, you can post a new invoice, or get/edit an existing one.
  • Pilot Image:
    Image of the pump taken by the pilot.
    In case of old fuel pumps, the pilot can take a picture of the pump after refueling. The image is used by the airport managers to register the data and generate an invoice.
  • Sale:
    Airport Products
    Those routes allow you to interact (i.e. get, create, post, edit or delete), with an airports’ products. A product can be a landing, a fueling or any billable service offered by the airport.
  • Message:
    Text messages
    You can use the message route to communicate with the pilot via text messages. For instance you could inform the pilot if processing of a payment fails. Messages will be send to the users email address.
  • PPR:
    Get submitted data from PPR form network
    These routes allow you to get data that was submitted to a PPR form from the aeroPS PPR service.
  • Fuel:
    Fueling actions.
    Those routes allow you to get fuel requests by an app user. Requests include the targeted pump id and the inquired amount of fuel.


  • Pilot initiates payment via API:

    1. Your airport software gets request with details about aircraft and pilot. status: pilot_requested
    2. Your airport software updates the basket for this pilot. status: airport_requested
    3. Pilot is notified and can pay basket in the app. status: paid

    Autonomous payment:

    Alternatively you can set up the airport to handle payment requests autonomously. In this case the second step is skipped and the pilot pays his basket without a review from an airport manager.

  • Airport initiates basket via API:

    1. An aircraft arrives at your airport
    2. Your airport software creates a new empty basket for the aircraft using the /basket/aircraft-ownership endpoint.
    3. Your airport software updates the basket with the products and services used by the aircraft
    4. The aircraft owner pays the basket using the aeroPS Fleet interface.
    5. Your airport software checks the payment status.

Category values: 

landingLanding fee
parkingParking fee
approachApproach fee
fuelingFuel articles (articles with category "fueling" can use decimal quantities)
othereverything else (articles with category "other" can use decimal quantities)

Status values: 

pilot_requestedPilot has payment. Basket can now be filled by airport software.
airport_requestedBasket has been updated by airport software. Can now be paid by the pilot via the app.
pilot_confirmedApp has received the basket and is about to pay it. Changes to basket are no longer possible.
paidBasket has been paid by pilot. Updates to basket are no longer possible.

AircraftClass values: 



Try out our API by using the aeroPS App:

The aeroPS App is using our API. You can get an idea of what is possible to do by testing it. You can download our App on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and try the App in sandbox mode. For this, you will need to first turn on the development mode following the steps detailed below:

  • Activate the development mode:
    • Go to the menu -> Help and support -> About
    • Click multiple times on the aera indicated by the blue arrow (see 1st picture bellow).
    • Click on the bottom block named System
    • A Modal appears, click on Presentation (2nd picture)
  • Create an account:
    • Create an account: Menu -> Login -> create an account (3rd picture)
    • Add a payment method for testing: Menu -> Settings -> Payment methods (4th picture)
    • o You can now try out all the payment options by using the test airport created for you and any aircraft (see 5th to 7th picture
    • You will now see a your basket. You can press the "Request Invoice" button to create a basket that can be used via the API

If you have questions or you need a API Key please Contact us:


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